Mashel Al Naimi crash in the last lap Race 2

Al Sulaiti wins the first race in another thrilling battle with Al Naimi
Nasser Al Malki takes the victory in the second race as Al Sulaiti and Al Naimi crash in the last lap
As it was expected from what we have seen in the previous rounds, another thrilling battle was performance
by the two Qatari riders Mashel Al Nami and Saeed Al Sulaiti to get the victory.
In the first race of the round, Mishal who got the pole position, lead the race during the first two laps as Saeed
overtook him. He tried to create a gap but Mishal was fast enough to be close to him and didn’t let him go. In
the middle of the race, Mishal made a move and passed Saeed, but unfortunately for Mishal, he had a
problem with his brake pads and couldn’t keep the rhythm, so Saeed took advantage of that and passed him,
winning the race by 6.045.
The third position was for Nasser Al Malki who still needs to find out the good setting for this bike ‘In the first
race I didn’t do a good start and after five laps it was difficult for me to ride the bike, it was very hard to
manage it. I think the setup is not good enough to keep my riding style in this bike, I need to fix my riding style
from 1000cc to 600cc and I to start dropping my lap timing little and hopefully I can have good results for next
round’ said Al Malki after race 1.
Abdullah Al Qubaisi finished fourth and Fahad Al Sowaidi in fifth position.
The second race had a dramatic ending with the crash of Mishal and Saeed during the last lap of the race. As
in the first race, Mishal took again the lead for the first laps but Saeed overtook him and managed to stay in
front only until the last lap when both crashed. In the last lap, Mishal gained again the first position and took
the lead but in the turn twelve of the track, Saeed entered a bit fast, breaking too late, losing the front and
crashing. Unfortunately, in the crash, Saeed’s bike touched Mishal who was so close and also felt down.
Saeed managed to rejoin the race finishing in sixth position but Mishal’s bike was so damage that couldn’t
With this scenario, the win of the race was for Nasser Al Malki, who was at that moment in third position
behind Saeed. Young rider Abdullah Al Qubaisi finished second in the podium and Ali Al Shammari third.
The 17-year’s old Al Quabaisi was very happy with his podium ‘I am very happy with my first podium of this
season as I didn’t expect to have such a good result as I had gear problems in the last five laps. I managed to
step into the podium due to the crash of Saeed and Mishal, but this is racing. Many thanks to QMMF, LCSC
and Saeed for their continuous support’ expressed Al Qubasi after the second race.
Ali Al Shammari finished in third place and was happy to be back on the podium ‘I am very happy to be back
on the podium. My start of the race was good but after some laps, I had engine problem and I never thought
to get these good results. Bad luck for Mishal and Saeed and hope that in the next round I can improve my
rhythm and be faster’
In the standings, now Mishal (167) is leading only with 2 points ahead of Saeed (165). Nasser Al Malki is third
with 137 and Ali Al Shammari is fourth with 98 points.
Trophies were presented by Mr. Sultan Zaher Al Morraikhi, QMMF Executive Director.
The next round will take place on 5th & 6th May

Mashel Al Naimi takes the Superpole and win in QSTK

Al Naimi takes the Superpole and win in QSTK

Al Khelaifi continues to dominate in Qatar Touring Car Championship


Qatar’s rider Mishal Al Naimi dominated today’s sessions and he took the Superpole of the fourth round of the Qatar Superstock 600 Championship in the last lap.


With a lap time of 2:04.343 Al Naimi will start in front of the grid tomorrow and will try to extend the gap ahead of Saeed Al Sulaiti. 


Al Sulaiti, who is not fit 100% due to his hand injured, will start from the second place on the grid as he did a laptime of 2:04.600 in the Superpole. 


The young rider Abdullah Al Qubaisi did a great time in the Superpole and he will start in third position in the grid.


Later in the evening, the second race of the QSTK Round 3 that was postponed during MotoGP due to the weather conditions took place. Just in the first corner of the first lap, there was touch between Ali Al Naimi and Soud Al Thani and both riders crashed without major injuries but the race was stopped to clean the track.


As soon as the race was re-started, Saeed Al Sulaiti, who was on pole position for this race, took the lead from the start until the end. Mishal Al Naimi was riding behind him so close during the whole race but in the last corner of the last lap, Al Naimi managed to overtake Al Sulaiti and took the victory.


Mishal was very happy and enjoyed a lot riding today ‘I am very happy today, I have been fast during all the sessions and I feel good physically but the bike still needs a good set up.  I tried to push from the beginning but Saeed was very fast. I didn’t have a good start and I stayed in the back to keep the tyre in good conditions and in the last corner of the last lap I felt I am good in the entry, so I overtake him and won the race.  Congratulations to Saeed and Nasser for their podiums and many thanks to QMMF, Losail Circuit Sports Club and to Ooredoo for their support’  said Al Naimi.


Saed Al Sulaiti was a bit disappointed not to win after leading the whole race until the last corner ‘I had a very good start, able to lead the race from the beginning until the last corner of the last lap. While I was entering the corner, I saw Mishal’s tyre and at that moment I was able to enter but there was a risk that both of us crash so I let him pass and try to pass him from inside again but unfortunately it was not a good idea and finished second by only 0.1. Happy with the rhythm we had today with all the sessions. I was not in the best shape; my hand is hurting me a lot but I managed the pain and pushed to 100%. Congratulations to Mishal and Nasser for the podium’ Al Sulaiti


The third in the podium was Nasser Al Malki and Abdullah Al Qubaisi finished in fourth position.




‘I am very happy today as I feel better but still I need some improvement with the bike as I am stucked with the same lap timing. I have problems with the suspension, I don’t feel comfortable. At the beginning, I started to be close to Saeed and Mishal but they are faster in the second part of the track and they increased the gap.  I hope tomorrow to be again in the fight for the win’ said Al Malki


Tomorrow, QSTK Round 4 races will be at 11:30 and at 14:30.


Regarding the third round of the Qatar Touring Car Championship, the leader in the standings, Abdulla Al Khelaifi continues to dominate the timings and was the fastest driver with a lap time of 2:26.620 in the Free Practice of today.


Al Khelaifi was very happy with his result and to be back to the action ‘Great to be back racing! Qualifying went well for me as I was able to do one clean lap from the beginning. I decided to pit early as I thought pushing the car in this hot weather is a bad idea. Judging from the results today, I think tomorrow’s race will be interesting as four drivers will battle for first’ said Abdulla.


The second fastest driver was Mahmoud Al Khalaf, who did a lap time of 2:26.792 ‘It was a nice surprise to finish second as my car’s setup was not perfect yet. I kept pushing till the end and my lap times kept improving. Hope I can maintain my pace in the race tomorrow to finish first!


Omran Karama did the third best time and Mansour Al Hajri finished in fourth place as he had suspension issues but hopefully he can fix them and tomorrow’s race will be more challenging.


QTCC races are tomorrow Saturday at 13:00 and at 16:00


There is free entrance for all the fans at the grandstand and also at the Paddock.

مشعل النعيمي بطلاً لسباق البحرين الوطني للسوبر بايك


النعيمي بطلاً لسباق البحرين الوطني للسوبر بايك
حسم الدراج القطري مشعل النعيمي لقب بطولة سباق البحرين الوطني للسوبربايك الذي استضافته حلبة البحرين الدولية بمنطقة الصخير والذي أقيم على مدار يومين بمشاركة عدد كبير من المتسابقين في فئتي السوبربايك والسوبر ستوك من مختلف البلدان الخليجية والأجنبية.
وجاء تتويج النعيمي باللقب للعام الثاني على التوالي عقب فوزه بسباقي الجولة الخامسة من البطولة وقبل إقامة الجولة الأخيرة بعد أن رفع رصيده من النقاط إلى 245 نقطة متصدرا الترتيب العام لجدول المتسابقين وبفارق كبير عن أقرب منافسيه البريطاني مايك سبايك.
صدارة السباقين
ونجح النعيمي في القبض على صدارة السباقين دون أن يسمح لأحد من منافسيه بإزاحته عن الصدارة؛ حيث فاز بالسباق الأول مسجلا أفضل زمن وقدره 1.07.487 دقيقة تلاه البريطاني مايك سبايك في المركز الثاني بزمن 1.07.921 دقيقة ثم السعودي أحمد المعيني ثالثا بزمن وقدره 1.08.597 دقيقة.
وفي السباق الثاني لم يختلف الأمر كثيرا على الترتيب العام بالنسبة للنعيمي في حين تبادل المعيني وسبايك ترتيب المركزين الثاني والثالث بفوز المعيني بالمركز الثاني في حين ذهب المركز الثالث للبريطاني مايك سبايك. وتعرض بطلنا فهد السويدي للخروج من السباق بعد سقوطه من على دراجته.
الشمري يتوج بالسوبرستوك
في الوقت نفسه تألق الدراج القطري علي الشمري في فئة سباق السوبرستوك وقدم فاصلا مهاريا وأداء رائعاً وتمكن أيضاً من الفوز بالسباقين الأول والثاني وسجل أسرع زمن في السباقين (1 دقيقة و9 ثوان 576)، وجاء الكويتي محمد زيدان في المركز الثاني، وحل الدراج البحريني علي أديبي في المركز الثالث، وحصل الدراج القطري جاسم آل ثاني على المركز الرابع في أول مشاركة له في هذه الفئة من البطولة.
وبذلك تصدر الدراج علي الشمري الترتيب العام للبطولة برصيد (179) نقطة، وجاء الدراج الكويتي محمد زيدان في المركز الثاني برصيد (161) نقطة، بينما كان المركز الثالث من نصيب الكويتي محمد العتيقي برصيد (120) نقطة.;